Areas of competence

Wallin & Partners was founded in 1995 by the Swedish lawyer Rolf Wallin together with the Spanish lawyer Olaf Medina-Montoya Hellgren. The concept was to create a law office in Spain with knowledge and competence in both Swedish and Spanish law with legal guidance mainly in Swedish.

Ever since the start, the company has concentrated on assisting Scandinavians, mainly Swedes, private persons and companies. However, the firm also gives advice and help to Swedish lawyers, often in their capacity of official receiver and estate administrators. Advice to Spanish lawyers in the management of matters where Swedish law is included as an element is also common.


  • Right of inheritance
    • Estate distribution
    • Wills
  • Family law
    • Financial circumstances between couples </ li>
    • Premarital settlement</ li>
    • Divorce</ li>
    • Distribution of marital property </ li>
    • Custody, accommodation, relations </ li>
  • Tax Law
    • Income-tax return
  • Company law
    • Choice of company form
    • Formation of a company
  • International private law
    • Execution of Swedish judgments in Spain
    • Execution of Spanish judgments in Sweden
    • International servings
    • International hearing of evidence
    • Application of double taxation agreement
    • Foreign law
    • Law certificate
  • Law of (Legal) procedure
    • Damage claims
    • Damage claims
    • Dispute about ownership- or the right of use of real estate
    • Collection of demand