Real Estate

The legal system in Spain differ significantly from many other European countries when buying property and in real estate law. It is therefore advisable to hire a lawyer in the proceeding.

We have extensive experience of advising clients in connection with real estate transfers in Spain. We assist both individuals and businesses, as well as brokers, construction companies and contractors.

Many Europeans acquires properties in Spain and municipalities on the Costa del Sol is expected to grow by millions of new residents, permanent and temporary, in the near future. Some are buying as an investment while others want their holiday homes or plan to stay for good.

The supply of newly built properties in recent years has grown exponentially, but increased environmental considerations and the large load on the infrastructure has led to new and more stringent building plan proposed in many municipalities. This is manifested by a specific aggravating of new construction with greater demands from authorities and a more detailed oversight, especially for those who want to buy land and build themselves and for those who want to buy property in the countryside. We therefore focus our efforts more and more on the control work should be done before you decide to buy a particular property.

Purchase of property
Anyone buying a property in Sweden must apply for registration of the acquisition of the registration authority, which is called to search the land. A buyer looking for land registration by sending the sales document in original. A proof of purchase is only signed by the buyer and seller.

Anyone buying a property in Spain must also apply for registration at the registration authority, but the formalities here are significantly different from those in Sweden. In order for a buyer to apply for title deeds of land registration authority in Spain, the following applies:

  • The purchase document must be conducted before a notary, which checks that the purchase meets the requirements and bear witness that the parties sign. Despite the formal requirements and the notary supervision buyer may not by this act at once full title deed on the property.

    Original purchase document, signed by both parties and the notary, archived and preserved forever at the notary. To the buyer is issued a “primera copia de escritura ‘(first copy of the original proof of purchase), which must pass tax payments and land registry as follows.

  • Before the sales document can be registered by the Land Registry forms must be completed and stamp duty paid by the tax authority.
  • The purchase document must then be submitted to the competent land registry for enrollment. At the cadastre is further examining whether the purchase meets the formal requirements and then this verified purchaser may deed on the property.

    Property registers are independent entities which are driven by individual companies of lawyers of the state is designated registrars..

How can we help those who want to buy
1. Subletting apartment / villa / townhouse
When You are buying second-hand, we check that the property on the date of possession is not burdened by debts, charges, mortgages or mortgages: we assist you in touch with brokers, sellers and their potential representatives: we edit the purchase contract (deposit agreement, contract of sale, bill of sale), we handle the entire registration process and payment of taxes and fees; we ensure that electricity, water and ownership of association bills shifted in Your name, and also helps if you want to have auto debit of bills from your bank account.

2nd Apartment / villa / townhouse on drawing
At the so-called purchase of the drawing, that is when the building yet erected, requires extensive work to finally be able to acquire the property. The usual verification process (that the property is not burdened with debts, charges, mortgages or mortgages) and the editing of the contract, must be supplemented by control of planning, design, construction permits, regulatory testing, etc.